Our Lifetime Warranty

Our lifetime warranty provides our guarantee of workmanship free of defect for the lifetime of the vehicle…………


Dent Doctor’s warranty shall only be applicable to the service provided for your (“Repaired Vehicle”) and only when Dent Doctor’s service is directly responsible for defects to the specific

area of the Repaired Vehicle and only under the following terms, conditions and limitations:

Dent Doctors shall provide a lifetime warranty on all hail repair performed on said vehicle. The lifetime warranty shall only apply during the period of time in which the current title owner

owns or current lessee leases the Repaired Vehicle. Subsequent purchasers or transferees of the Repaired Vehicle shall not be covered under Dent Doctor’s lifetime warranty.

This Warranty is not transferable.

Dent Doctors makes no express lifetime warranties except as specifically set forth herein.


This warranty applies solely to the limited areas on the Repaired Vehicle which was damaged and subsequently repaired by Dent Doctors.


Dent Doctor’s warranty is limited to defects or damage caused by repairs performed by Dent Doctor’s technicians or authorized sub-contractors. Some examples of exclusions include, but are not

limited to:

1. New damage caused by objects striking the vehicle including automatic car washes.

2. New damage caused by a collision with another surface or vehicle.

3. Any alteration of your vehicle’s affected area such as: repainting, use of cleaners, solvents or abrasives which your Manufacturer does not recommend, or modifications by you of the shape

of your vehicle’s affected body panel(s) for any reason.

4. New damage caused by airborne or other chemicals, stones, hail, tree sap, flood, etc.

5. Work carried out by a third party in an attempt to correct the problem.


Take your previously Repaired Vehicle to the Dent Doctors facility that affected the repair. Only an authorized Dent Doctors representative can review your damage and authorize the necessary



This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other legal rights which vary from state to state. Dent Doctors does not authorize any person other than its authorized representatives, to create for it any other obligation or liability in connection with these designated repairs.